Friday, February 12, 2010

My Blog Traffic Mistake

You see, I'm new at this. It's true that I've been writing fairly consistent posts on this blog lately, but I haven't really expanded on the goals I have for this blog. I know that I want this blog to serve at least three functions:

1.) Showcase for my writing abilities and a place to get samples or contact me for writing gigs

2.) It serves as a go-between for my publishing company, Founders House Publishing

3.) It is an outlet for my thoughts and ideas as a creative person.

Yet, none of these focuses on the unstated fourth reason: This is supposed to be a resource for freelance writing and publishing that makes a profit in its own right.

Part of my goal, at first, was to get people to notice I was here. I haven't made too many strides in that direction. I didn't do any of those things that have been suggested by other bloggers. My ideas have not led to an actionable plan.  Things like guest postings, article marketing, and commenting haven't been used to draw the attention of new readers (let alone subscribers).

What About Content

Then there's the issue of content. For those of you who have been reading, it's clear that I have been producing content regularly. It has been a combination of notices and topical posts for the last few weeks. I want to offer more issues pertaining to freelancing, ghostwriting, small publishing, and more. I'd love to hear feedback so I can produce posts you want to read. This, too, comes back to content. The more quality content I have, the more opportunities I have to welcome new visitors to

I will be writing other types of posts. I mentioned recently that I would be adding some interviews and book reviews. They are still in the developmental phase, but I will get moving on them soon.

Such factors as those I've noted here all figure so heavily into traffic. Frankly, I want more traffic. Yes, I know that most pros point out that it shouldn't be all about traffic. I agree with them. But, I'd like to get the kind of traffic that would translate into comments and other feedback. I'm all for genuine interaction with my readers.

My plan is to implement a little bit of each point I've mentioned here. I will still be posting, but look for me to pop up on other blogs. There are plans to set up a blog for Founders House Publishing in the near future; I'll probably show up there too.

I look forward to your responses. See you next time.

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