Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Been A Year

It's been a year since I set up this blog/website. In that time, I've made some changes and I've contemplated the direction for I'm still trying to develop this into a viable place to promote freelance writing among other things. It's more than my business site. It's my personal space where my freelancing business meets my other ambitions.

Freelance writing is a challenging profession and one where I'm attempting to make a mark. I've been working as a mostly part-time freelance writer for over three years. I've kept things pretty small and just managed the status quo. I've not be ready to rock many boats. It has been more about making ends meet for my family.

Since I'm a part-time freelancer, I am only the secondary income for my household at present. My wife works a full-time job while I take care of my two sons. This arrangement was established on the premise that I would take care of my then three year old step-daughter Alexis. Along with the incidental help of my friend, Thomas Hollowell (author of the book Allah's Garden), I made the transition to freelance writing.

From that point, I've been working non-stop trying to gain enough experience to move away from ghostwriting to credited writing exclusively. It is the hope anyway. I look forward to changing the focus of this blog too by making it more about my experiences in the writing profession.

Stay tuned...

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