Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Organization...that illusive beast!

I can say quite honestly that I am terrible at organization, especially when it comes to planning my own schedules for writing. Sure, the fact that I double as a stay-at-home dad takes its toll, and children do not always fit inside the neat little boxes that can be designed for them. I've not had much luck getting them to fit anyways. My hope is that things will get slightly easier as they get older and all of them march off to school each day. That dream is a long way off yet for the boys. As so many say to me, I need to hang in there until things start to work themselves out. Time. It just takes some time - that's all.

Meanwhile, my quest is to develop a strategy for building my business through a sound investigation process that targets better paying markets, by creating a workable schedule that reflects my unique situation, learning more about marketing and branding to maximize what I have so far while striving to push forward with my fiction-writing aspirations.

That's not too much is it?

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