Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Work of Keeping a Speculative Fiction Magazine Alive

In December of 2022, I will have officially operated MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine for six years. For the longest time, it has been a quarterly publication, but I'm trying to change that with the latest reboot by transitioning to a monthly publication.

The biggest challenge to keeping MYTHIC going is having the means to pay the authors whole supply the publication with its great stories. To do that, I set up a Patreon page at the outset. Yes, I picked up subscribers in other ways, but from the beginning, I wanted to use the crowdfunding platform to build upon the base of original subscribers and provide a simple platform for reoccurring support. 

Right now, I'm running a subscription drive for the magazine. I announced it on the MYTHIC website and on the magazine's Facebook page. I'm regularly tweeting from MYTHIC's Twitter account @MythicMagSFF.

The work of promoting and seeking new subscribers (patrons) continues. So, far as of this writing, I've added eleven new ones. I hope that number continues climb. The more support coming in each month, the more I can potentially pay the authors. That's the bottom line with me. I want to produce a quality and professional-level publication. I won't give up until I achieve that goal. I just won't!

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