Monday, February 1, 2021

Launching A Kickstarter Subscription Drive For MYTHIC

I thought I share this: My magazine, MYTHIC, is getting ready to launch Kickstarter:

A new Kickstarter is coming, everyone! I am nearly ready to launch a new campaign on the crowdfunding platform that will serve as a subscription drive to bring more people the great science fiction and fantasy tales that can be found in the pages of MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine

As you may have saw in a previous post, MYTHIC is switching to a double-sized bi-annual release schedule. There will be a Spring and Fall Issue moving forward. We are talking upwards of two hundred plus pages of fiction as well as reviews, essays, and other content.

I am looking to breath more life into MYTHIC by building up our subscriber base. The Kickstarter rewards will include individual issues of the magazine, the back issues, one and two year subscriptions in paper and eBook formats, as well as special deals like Lifetime electronic subscriptions, complete runs of the magazine in both formats and more. 

I will also add that I am planning on doing a Best of MYTHIC: Volume 1, the first of hopefully many volumes that gather together what I consider some of the best stories to be published in past issues. 

So when is this happening?

I plan to launch the Kickstarter this coming Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Here's the link to the pre-launch:

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