Sunday, January 10, 2021

Update: January 2021 - More Kilgore's Five Stories

Since my last post in October of 2020, I've released Issues #4, #5, and #6 of my monthly mini-magazine, Kilgore's Five Stories. Creating a monthly publication of one's own short stories is not without its challenges. 

The biggest part is production, obviously. I have to schedule my time in such a way that I have sufficient hours to produce new words on stories as well as continue my other duties as the publisher at Founders House Publishing and Editor at MYTHIC.

So, it comes down to time management, as always. 

Still, I have to spend more time writing short fiction each month in order to get enough stories to fill every subseqent issues. In order to stay on track, I will need to make an effort to write stories ahead to create a bank of fiction just in case I get interrupted other concerns. That way, I will still be able to keep up the new releases without any problem.

I'll admit that I did get slightly behind by December and have had to release that last issue this month. Despite that I am getting back on track with releases of each issue, with Issue #6 already appearing in eBook formats. The goal is to have a new issue is available by mid-month in eBook and print formats on a consistent basis. 

Kilgore's Five Stories is a personal challenge more than anything else but I do hope that I can pick up a following and gain readers in the process of practicing my craft as a fiction writer. I hope to offer a good sampling of what I can do as a creative writer.

 I know that this is a slow growth kind of model and that it will take more than this magazine to get traction in the ways that would like to as a writer but I am prepared for the long haul. If you have never encountered my writing out there in the world consider picking up an issue of Kilgore's Five Stories. 

Here are the links to the three most recent issues of the magazine:

Kilgore's Five Stories #4:

Kilgore's Five Stories #5:

Kilgore's Five Stories #6:

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