Tuesday, May 14, 2019

One Aim...One Target

So what I have I been doing?

If you haven't noticed my more recently doings, I managed to share a free short story most weeks for the last few months, until I ceased my Free Fiction Friday for a bit of hiatus. That's a fun way to share my own fiction. I do plan to reactivate it once I get a few more important matters squared away.

I've also announced that I'm stepping back into freelancing, and even ghostwriting--albeit this process is a rather slow one since I am way out of touch with the way things operate these days, having been away from freelance writing and the like for several years now. So, a new learning curve there.

Another, more recent event, was the launch of a Patreon page that would be about one goal: Helping me go full-time as the publisher at Founders House Publishing, my indie book company. That has also had a slow start. While I'm a bit surprised at that given the sort of rewards and benefits I'm offering, I guess maybe I have more to learn about appealing customers of Founders House books in order to convert them into patrons. 

I've been busy looking at various approaches to my problem and trying to find the one that would free up the most time in my day so I could focus on building Founders House by publishing authors like John Michael Greer, Catherine McGuire, Ralph Meima, and others as well. Plus, I'd have time to add my own works to the publication schedule. 

I've ran into obstacles and have been dealing with lots of complications at my current primary income that have added a bit more urgency to my quest. A certain amount of single-mindedness has taken over. There's one aim...one target...in my mind right now. But, perhaps, I'll have to re-cultivate a little old-fashioned patience too.

Regardless, there are lots of books planned for release this year. Here's hoping all stays on track to finish strong.

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