Sunday, August 12, 2018

Chugging Along

Okay, it's technically tomorrow. I'm writing this blog to continue my writing streak and it's 12:38 a.m. I just finished pages on the novel and now I'm reporting here to add a blog post. I managed a 1,041 words of fiction today.

What's a bit of the takeaway before I close my eyes?

Well, the daily deadline pushed me to keep writing when I would have quit or settled for less. The pressure was there, nagging me to keep going. I like that. I've also thought about what I took on by having two streaks happening at once. It was a challenge that I think I needed because the more writing I do the more practice I get and, hopefully, the more my skills will grow over time.

I also decided a few things. First, I think I will taper off the blogging a bit once the month is over. I want more time to craft posts and maybe do some series. I've also thought about resurrecting my Free Fiction Friday feature. Then again, I could get used to putting in words every day on this site and be totally okay with that. I'm just musing on it right now.

I'm sort of tapped on what to say right now. I need sleep.

I'll be back here tomorrow if all goes well. Good night.

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