Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Writer Stumbles

Well, yesterday's post said already, but I'll say it again. I didn't write fiction so I have to restart the streak I was forming this month. Of course, I did manage to post something on the blog, so that little streak remains un broken, at least for now.

I will tell you one thing ahead of time. I just finished writing more on the book. I just went over my minimum and decided to stop since it was the end of a chapter. I had a total of 1,036 words today. What helped me hit it today was that I did almost half before I headed out to the night job.  I wasn't coming home late with all four pages or so waiting to be done.

This makes me recognize the necessity of doing my writing earlier in the day if at all possible. The longer I wait the great the chances will be that I won't write a word. That seems to be the case during a normal work week. 

I don't pretend that all of this musing on the process of writing is interesting to everyone who might be reading these pages, but I've decided to write about this, to blog about what I do. It's a dialogue with myself as much as it is something I'm share with all of you. 

I'm trying to feed the creative part of myself plus I'm getting much needed practice for a  skill that no doubt needs improvements. So, onward I go!

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