Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Once A Month...

I do try to get back here at least once a month and I'm skating at the edge again as we come to the final days of June. The year is almost half over already? How did that happen? I've been getting busier with my publishing work and other work to make the ends meet so that explains some of it. Oh, and it is looking to get busier, as it must as I develop this plan of mine.

Plan, you ask. What plan?

Honestly, it's not such a dark secret. I am just more focused on it than I've been in the past. Basically, I'm trying to fully launch my publishing and writing efforts into the air. They've started hovering just above the ground but haven't yet soared. The point is really to do as much as I can to make all of this work I'm doing the only sort of work I need to making a living. I love publishing. I love writing. I want to be able to do only that and to order my day fully around those sort of activities.

A challenge, to say the least? Yes.

It's a financial challenge, certainly. The company is not currently profitable enough for me to go in full time, so I have to be content to work on the various projects with little or no pay while I work another job that actually pays enough to support me. Don't get me wrong. This has been changing for the better. Revenue is up. I'm inching, closer and closer, to that goal, but who wouldn't like to accelerate that process?

So, I keep at it. I find new ways to promote my own work and the work of the awesome writers who've entrusted me to publish their books. I'm very grateful for them and for the opportunities that they've given me.

I'm already doing some of the things I love to do. I designing and publishing books, I'm editing my own science fiction and fantasy magazine, MYTHIC, and I hope to do more.

If you're following me and haven't bought one of my books or one of the authors' books I've published via Founders House Publishing, consider doing that today. Consider supporting MYTHIC  by become a subscriber.

I want to bring great stories to new readers.

I'll be back later to talk about what's going on with a new update. Thanks.

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