Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Admitting Defeat? What Next?

Yeah, NaNoWriMo didn't happen. I fully intended on participating, but I just never got there. The rest of my life intruded way too much for me to amass anything like the concentration needed to put new words down on a new book. I won't be crossing the finish line this year.

Instead, I donned my publisher cap and kept busy, on and off getting other writers into print. I've been launching a magazine and prepping books for my publishing company, Founders House Publishing.

The than this work, I've been just trying to survive the onset of the holiday season. It's been busy and I'm sure tired.

What am I doing next? Well, the work with Founders House continues, but I am now reading back through one of my unfinished novels (Yes, I said novels, plural.) and I hope to get started writing again using WIPs to build momentum. I may or may not saying anything about that progress. Better than to create another public failure, I think.

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