Saturday, September 26, 2015

Busy Times

Well if you've wondered why I haven't put up any new fiction for Free Fiction Friday, I'll tell you. I've been a very busy guy lately. I let it slip and shouldn't have. My intention is to get back on a steady schedule of new fiction each week, but I will have to fit it in with other responsibilities.

I'm a publisher and that's taken more of a focus lately. With all of the other things I'm obligated to do, regular fiction writing has had to take a backseat. Again, my hope is to get back to that once my schedule clears out. I'm involved with lots of exciting things as a publisher and am hoping it all works out well.

Up until recently I had been submitting short stories to magazines rather than indie publishing. I still intend to have that as part of my system. I'm getting occasional feedback from editors on my work so that is a definitely a benefit even if I haven't made a sale yet.

I will share more of what's going on as I can.

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