Saturday, August 1, 2015

Writing In 2015: The Return of Free Fiction Fridays

Hey gang!

I've made the decision here lately to start up an old feature called Free Fiction Friday. The first story is actually up now and is in the preceding post so check it out. As it is after midnight, I didn't quite make the deadline for Free Fiction Friday, so the first story shows up on this first day of August, 2015.

As I noted, the short story, The Reckoning will be here for free for anybody to read for a full week. Afterwards, if you want to read it, I've included links to different places you can buy the story as an ebook edition.

As I get this feature rolling, you'll probably seem some stories reappear from the early cycles of Free Fiction Friday, but I'll be adding new ones as well. Short fiction is something I've been working on here and there for awhile even if I don't say much about here. I am still mostly focused on longer works, like novels and novellas, but I enjoy writing the short form.

I've been writing lots of fantasy stories but I hope to include more genres as I explore them. I hope you enjoy Free Fiction Friday. My goal is to make it last this time around.

Catch you later.

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