Sunday, August 16, 2015

Updates: Oops, I'm Late With The Friday Story

Hello again.

Yep, Free Fiction Friday didn't happen on time. I've gone ahead and put up the next story. So, lucky you, you got a couple of extra days to read the "Beast of Mern" before I took it down. So, now get a chance to read my story "Oathsworn." It'll be around for about a week. With luck, I'll hit my deadline next time.

In other news, I've been submitting stories to magazines. Most of the one I'm sending out are from last year, with a few exceptions. I've kept putting off this aspect of things for longer than I should have but I'm finally ramping up my efforts. The writing will come back too as I start firing away at new stories.

The path of a professional writer is made one sale at a time and this writer is getting more focused on producing work again. I'm a busy guy though. Family, other work, and just life, take their cuts out of my time each day. Somehow, us writers, have to fit creative time into the mix. Each of us will do it differently. Some of us won't get to the writing every day. (I don't typically.) But, there is always the hope that we can scrape up some more time to devote to our craft during the course of a day.

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