Sunday, June 28, 2015

Writing In 2015: June Update

The short version: I've not been writing at all.

There are reasons for this, but I'll spare you the details. Still, it's tough to discuss writing in 2015 when I'm just not doing any. Life has kept me busy in other ways. I'm supposed to be writing and giving substantive updates on my progress.

With the close of June, I'm heading into the second half of the year. I have the chance to turn things around. I think it's still possible to do that and that I can produce fiction I love write--and hopefully others love to read.

Part of me thinks that the best option is just a blank slate approach to the work. I need to find a new entry point for telling stories. In this solitary pursuit, I have had plenty of time to ruminate over all sorts of things that could be good fodder for telling fiction. I've read books, watched films, and TV shows, and generally kept an eye on current events. This is a search I've been conducting and one that has been challenging.

Life is complicated, as they say. I know its expression in my life is much like a juggling act. My plate's a full one--a stay-at-home father by day, a erstwhile indie publisher, and a part-time custodian besides. And somewhere in the midst of all that, I would fit writer into my list.

Here's to a future of writing.

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