Monday, November 24, 2014

Not A NANO…Again, But That's OK

This month has become a lesson about progress. A challenge like NaNoWriMo requires a steady increase in words through out the four weeks of November. Ideally, one makes daily progress at a steady pace. When that pace is disrupted by missed days and those days multiply the word count skyrockets out of reasonable control. That's what happened this year.

I have missed twelve days so far. Of the days I did write, I did not get the suggested minimum of 1,667 words. I've never hit the bare minimum, in fact. Many of the days have come in significantly lower than that. So, the result is that I won't be finishing my 50,000 word novel by this coming Sunday. I think I will try to put more words down between now and then.

I had high hopes of getting a book done this year. I came pretty close last year. But, real life gets in the way of the best conceived plans. I'll just try to deal with that and keep going. So there it is, fellow Nanos.

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