Monday, May 26, 2014

Other Realms: Volume One Is Available Now!

The title says it all, folks. I've got a new collection of short stories out. In this slender volume you'll find a selection of never-before-published tales set in a variety of "other realms" of fantasy. This first entry will be part of an ongoing series of books I'll be doing in the months ahead. At this point, I am aiming for a quarterly release of volumes, but that is just an estimate. Right now the trade paperback is out and soon it will be available in various ebook editions.

Summary: Other Realms: Volume One is the first book in a new series that collects original short stories by fantasy and sci-fi author Shaun Kilgore. In this volume, you’ll be taken to far off fantasy worlds filled with magic, adventure, and the games of noble houses and the plights of brave warriors. This book contains ten stories, including “A Reckoning,” “Death To The Messenger,” “Midwinter Night,” “Oathsworn,” “The Beast Of Mern,” “The Prophet’s Return,” “The Risen Queen,” “The Ruling,” “The Traitor,” and “Winds Of Fate.”

Here is the link from the publisher website. 

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