Friday, July 5, 2013

Updates About Free Fiction Friday And Other Stuff

For those of you who do read the free stories I put up here for one week, I wanted to let you know that Free Fiction Friday would be on hiatus for a while or until I get more short stories written. Additionally, I've just started on a new novel so I'm focusing my time there. I'll keep all of you updated on Free Fiction Friday and other writing updates. Thank you.

In other news, I am also trying to get previous free stories up in electronic versions. This includes a novel that I finished back at the beginning of May. Other commitments have seriously put me behind but I do hope to make headway in the coming weeks.

In about 8 weeks, I will be welcoming another son in to the world so that has certainly played a role the status of my work. It's always fun trying to balance family commitments with writing ones. I've not always been successful but I keep trying.

For those interested, I will hopefully be putting up another Dear Writer article in the near future as well. I like writing those articles and would like to make them a regular feature like Free Fiction Friday.

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