Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nothing Set In Stone: What's Been Happening?

Well, the last post mentioned the short story challenge I was undertaking with a friend. The whole thing started out well but circumstances conspired against both of us. I produced some good stories and so did he, but we stopped the challenge and moved on. I've been working on a book while trying to find other work as well so I can get back on a productive course for the remainder of the year. That's tough considering all that will be changing in the coming months.

I hope to write several books by year's end. This will be more challenging since a new baby is on the way. I'll have to bend like a reed and adapt to the circumstances. Nothing is truly set in stone--except maybe a few bad habits that need to be chipped away at.

There are things going on that have fractured my attention and made it difficult to focus solely on the writing. I've been trying to regain that focus. The last few months have been about that effort.

I have no sage words for writers or anyone who happens to visit this site. I am still a writer, still working towards some new goals, and hopefully with luck I'll get there by December.

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