Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update: Work, Hopes, and A Book Signing

April has been a busy month -- and one of the best ones in a while in terms of my income. I'm pretty happy that I exceeded my expectations. I would like to thank Debbie Dragon and her writing business. They've been a dominant resource for me lately. This makes me recognize again an important fact of the freelance life: You need more than one resource for work. You need multiple clients to ensure that there are no interruptions to your work load. That's the goal as I move forward into May. I have to drum up the work, even though I'm not sure what bushes to shake. Uncertainty is a part of the gig, at times. Even though, I know that many freelancers successfully marketed themselves out of the traditional "feast or famine" cycle.

What's Coming

This year is still filled with many prospects. I know that when you have lots of ideas you need to take the time to figure out which are worth pursuing, which ones are outdated and need to be put away, and what ideas need to stew a bit more before they are ready to share. I don't have much to say for certain. There are at least two books I may be doing with co-authors for my publishing company Founders House Publishing. However, they are not certain. The sort of projects I still have some small interest in have been put aside for those do provide compensation. That is the trade off when you are a working writer.

I've not given much time or attention to the sort of projects that do not have budgets or advances. Books are most appealing to me, but I spend most of my time writing articles. I don't have a problem with this anymore. There are no reasons to complain about what I've been doing. I think I've done that in the past. There is no reason to apologize for it either. I have learned what is possible. As a friend said, I have more than enough reality to keep me busy.

What does that mean for dreams? I'm not sure how to answer other than to say that I am not jaded about what I haven't accomplished. I have to be thankful for and still much more to appreciate in my life to worry about the should haves, could haves, and would haves.

Book Signing

Well, after a very quiet period over the remainder of the winter, I have a new book signing even with Ken "Cruiser" Gentrup for our co-authored effort, Heaven's Point Guard: The Kirk Gentrup Story. After more than a year involved in this, I am looking forward to sharing Kirk's story with still more people who haven't had the opportunity. This time, the venue is Ken's hometown, Lawrenceburg, Indiana. This will be happening this coming Saturday.

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