Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Back On Track As A Writer

It's been a bit challenging lately to keep things in some semblance of order. The balance of different tasks has been difficult to maintain. In other words, I've felt overwhelmed and confused. All writers feel this way at one time or another. Even someone who prides themselves on being organized and on top of things can slip into this position, given the right set of circumstances. For me, the trouble started when I was trying to make things better. By making things better, I mean that I was trying to improve my writing productivity, while also making serious changes to how I organize my days. It's been an all-out change revolution.

Unfortunately, I think I tried to do too much at a time. When you're dealing with the process of putting words on the page, struggling to make coherent thoughts and ideas take appropriate shape, it is important to have some stable point of reference. Now this anchor may be anything. It could be how much time you spend on the work, the time of day you've established as "writing time," or it could be the type of writing you do at different points. Now, if you're working one a single, massive project like me, there isn't much time to get tossed about by different subject matter. Instead, you may find that the weight of that single work itself is enough to collapse on top of you when you let procrastination drop on top of you.

In The Mix

Right now, I have a book that is taking up the majority of my time writing. This alone is enough to occupy every stray creative thought I have. But, that's not all I've been doing. I've been looking at submissions for my small publishing company, I've been contemplating another book, I've been attempting to organize my thoughts regarding different aspects of business development. Meanwhile, I've also been dealing with more domestic duties like training a child to use the toilet. Fantastic stuff, let me tell you. (I'm glad he's finally making strides in that department, let me tell you!)

I know what some of you must be thinking. Why are you letting all this stuff pile up at once? There's no need to get drawn into so much at once. Honestly, you should cut out this stuff or do something more to manage you time and delegate things when you can. You know what, I couldn't agree more. I should have a plan in motion.

Yet, the act of planning has been a source of confusion and agitation - needless agitation I'm sure.  So what is my plan for getting back on track? How do I do it?

Back On The Track

Yes, it is a very good question. Simply put, I have to put things on pause long enough to truly evaluate what is most important and then do a wee bit more prioritizing.  That simple act would go a long way to curbing the force of this relentless confusion and weariness. Setting proper priorities is a tough step when you've let things coalesce into a whirlpool of chaotic thoughts and ideas. It takes time to remove the debris and see what's waiting beneath.

This process will take me a while. Part of the process for me will also involve being more present on this blog. I've become lax in my posting and I would like to stop that. I want my readers to have a reason to receive my blogs in their in-boxes. I also hope that my renewed presence here will give me the opportunity to bring in new readers. I have much to say about the business of writing and publishing. I want to take the opportunity to voice some of my ideas and talk to you, the readers, about some of my plans.

That, at least, is one idea I will make good on. The other priority for me is getting that book done to the best of my ability. There is a lot at stake. It will also be a wonderful milestone for me. Wish me luck, folks!

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