Monday, February 1, 2010

Guest Blog Posts: What I Didn't Know About My Freelance Projects

With this post, I wanted to highlight something that I recently discovered about a series of projects I was assigned by one of my top suppliers for ghostwriting.

As long ago as November, I had been getting guest blogging post.  I had assumed that this was a standard issue ghostwriting gig.  I did the work and moved on to the next project.  Recently, I did something I do from time to time: I googled my name.

While searching through the results I came across something that made me pause.  I saw a website that had my name and one of the titles for one of those guest posts a I did months ago.  With little more searching, I found that there were other guest posts of mine out there with my name attached.  They were all my work, though some were not formatted quite the same.  Here were several opportunities to provide clients with several published examples of my writing on other topics and I didn't even know about it. 

Now, part of this was a lack of information by the supplier.  The other part was my lack of interest in finding out more.  I was just in the groove of writing pieces that no one knew I wrote.  When I found those articles, it was both a shock and a pleasant surprise.  

With that in mind, I'm going to attach all of them here.  I'd like to thank the clients who gave me credit for the work I do. 

Feel free to check them out.  

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