Thursday, January 21, 2010

Five Good Posts About Better Freelance Writing

Hello, everybody.  This time around, I missed my Wednesday posting deadline.  Still, I wanted to include something that may help you achieve better results with your writing or to inspire you join the ranks.  Sometimes all that it takes to get you started is a few great tips or a new perspective on the topic of writing or the freelance in general to motivate you to take a fresh step.  If anything, I hope this post will help you do just that.

Freelancing is a challenging business but there are rewards for doing it right and doing it because it's something you enjoy doing.  I hope you enjoy the following posts.  They are selection I found of blogs that I've discovered while doing research for projects or for this blog.

Five Good Posts About Better Freelance Writing

1. How To Write Better - 5 Quick Tips For Clear, Effective Writing - From the blog of the Adventurous Writer, Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

2. Ten Tips On Writing And Creativity - From the Write Touch 4U blog of freelance writer Lorraine Cote

3. I Just Got A Writing Assignment. Holy Crap! Now What? - From The Renegade Writer Blog (Note: Though I've not ventured into magazine submissions much, it still good information that can be applied to many online publications too.)

4. Is Your Skin Thick Enough For A Freelance Writing Career? - From Getting Paid To Write Online with Sharon Hurley Hall (I've followed this blog on and off for a while.  She always has something timely to say about the online writing business or she has great guest writers chime in with something relevant.)

5. Be Smart When Deciding On Full-Time Freelance Writing - From Chris Blogging, the blog of freelance writer Chris Bibey. (This is like a splash of cold water. Great points to help you access your choice to pursue full-time freelancing as a business.)

Just take a look at these posts.  You may get some fresh ideas about your own exploits in the world of freelance writing. If you're just getting started, let me know.  I hope that I've given you something things to think about.  Please contact me or leave comments.  Catch you later.


Sharon Hurley Hall said...

Thanks for the mention; glad you like my blog. :)

SCK said...

No problem, Sharon.