Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An Update: New House, Same Scheduling Challenges

When you're a freelance writer and you're working from home, there are always some unique challenges that you must overcome to get the job done, not the least of which is lapses in self-discipline.

In my case, I've just completed the monumental task of moving into my first home. The bad part is that my attempts to get projects wrapped up prior to the move were thwarted by yet another challenge unique to my freelance writing situation: I'm a stay-at-home dad.

Writing, and getting the projects completed in good time, both become difficult activities when you add in child care, organizing the mound of boxes and personal affects that littering every room of the new place.

Still, I've been pushing to get everything done and in order. I'm a freelance writer, answerable only to myself and the clients whose work I've contracted to do. I have to do everything I can to maintain a professional attitude and maintain some degree of productivity.

Schedule challenges can be quite common. Do your best to manage them. I know I will.

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