Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three Challenges Of Creating Targeted Freelance Writing Content

I'd like to talk about content. More specifically, I would like to talk about freelance writing content you may be creating for your blog or other website. While I haven't been writing articles every day for the site, I have been thinking about it, trying to create something that helps me develop my niche.

Now, freelance writing is a big niche - one that many are supporting with their efforts. I am one of these writers. As I said in the beginning, this is all an experiment for me. I'm trying to create content that caters to the needs and interests of a target audience. In this case the audience is freelance writers and those who are interested in becoming one.

What Are The Challenges?

If you are attempting to focus your posts or articles into a single niche, you will encounter a number of challenges, depending upon what you are writing about. In fact, there are three challenges that you must be prepared to overcome if you wish to make your bid for good content pan out so you are attracting the notice of the search engines as well as potential readers. Right now, I'm going to list three.

1. Originality - Now, this is not me saying that you (or I) have to delve deeply into the topic of freelance writing to find that one area that no one - and I mean no one - has ever addressed. That's silly. The fact is that most of what you might be writing about will have already been covered by hundreds of writers that day. No, originality, as a concept, involves how you present the material about freelance writing.

You're a freelance writer with your own unique voice, and way of weaving words. You may bring a distinct blend of characteristics to the profession that on one else does. More than likely, you will be able to see something, some angle, or position that hasn't been treated in exactly the same way by someone else. That's what originality is all about and that is what makes it a genuine challenge.

If you want originality, you will have to work for it, even fight for it. It takes a focus and a willingness to examine freelance writing (or whatever you're writing about) with that proverbial fine-toothed comb. Find something fresh to say about tried and true concept. There can be some real gems hidden among all of those dirty old rocks.

2. Maintaining The Focus - If you have what it takes to cultivate originality in your freelance writing content, then you know that it will get harder to maintain your focus the longer you go. You are creating a focus for your words and content when you eliminate all of those other nagging ideas and stick with the same topic, the same niche. It becomes your personal burden to silence the voices begging you to move away from the freelance writing niche you chose.

If you want your targeted content campaign to be successful, you cannot afford to lose that focus. It is what holds you plan together. You must be patient with your chosen topic. You should have established goals for your plan prior to writing in order to give your writing the direction it needs. Focus: you need it, so maintain it. It will produce results if given plenty of time to gestate. The hope you have for freelance writing content is wrapped up in what value it has for those to whom it is written. Never forget who it is you are writing for.

3. Knowing Your Limits - There is nothing more challenging as a freelance writer than knowing the limits of what you're doing. Everyone has a limit to the sort of content that can produce over time. When you've chosen something so specific like freelance writing, you are setting boundaries. Now, obviously, they are very big boundaries to play in. Freelance writing provides a veritable country to play in. Yet, because of this, writing about "freelance writing" does pose challenges to what you can do if you know you can get deeper.

As much as you know about freelancing writing in general, there may be many things you cannot comment on simply because they are even more specialized. Individual niches and subset of this thing called freelance writing will definitely come up. Some may even be strong enough to dislodge your focus. There also comes a time when maintaining your focus becomes a denial of the obvious limitations of your chosen target group or content.

Here again, the question may be admitting that you're just a generalist rather than any sort of specialist. The trick is knowing this and then admitting that it is a limit you cannot cross at the present. This may be enough to derail your future plans for producing targeted freelance writing content while you reassess your position. Knowing your limits may help you avoid costly mistakes and prevent lost time working on a fruitless project.

In Closing...

I must admit, these challenges are tough. Sometimes, they're tough because they are not immediately recognized so you end getting bogged down producing freelance writing that is average at best. You may have to switch gears and find a new focus and develop original ideas along those lines. Any acknowledgment of legitimate limits can be the caution sign you need to get on the track to successful writing. Your freelancing career will either benefit or suffer from your decisions. Don't ignore such challenges; they will help you grow into a better writing if you let them.

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