Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogging About Freelance Writing

Do you know what the obvious point is? I am not the only guy doing this online right now. While I have only a few bloggers that come to mind that focus on freelance writing or freelancing in general, I am sure there countless others tackling the subject. What makes me different? Perhaps, nothing. That is something the reader must decide.

Freelancing has been my business for only a few short years, but it has taken up a lot of my thinking. Of couse, in my case, it has been squeezed in with my other job as a stay-at-home dad. Needless to say, I have full plate.

Do I work well under such pressure? I think that is debateable. With so much going on, some of you might be wondering why I've decided that blogging about freelance writing is a good use of time. It's a fair question. It is also one that is complicated. Still, as a freelance writer, I am the only who should have the words to express this sort of thing. As such, I will do my best to oblige the curious.

The Plan

Well, with anything worth doing, they say you need a plan. It can be a very complex and detailed plan covering every facet of your proposed operations or can be a simple set of goals or a "mission statement" that briefly outlines, your ideas. I sort of lean towards the latter concept right now.

My plan is one of experimentation. I know that there are many valuable resources out there about the freelancing life, and many of them offer a host of materials and services to aid the lone freelancer. I applaud those sites. They deserve their success.

For me, I'm still relatively new to the profession but I have spent a lot of time writing articles for clients. I've written about so many topics that I can't even remember them all. This has served to give a well-rounded view of the scene. Essentially, I am generalist rather than a specialist. For the purposes of blogging, it may not be the best title to carry.

Blogging can be a very niche oriented field, even in something specific like freelance writing. The point of blog for most people is to have a space to express their individual viewpoint. Yet, for a few, it is a place to offer something worth paying for or supporting. There are bloggers who are making a living off the blogs they write.

That is what I have decided to do. This is my plan in brief: I am planning to write a blog that will attract the notice of readers because it is one with decent content and a unique perspective. I've chosen to be up front because I want to be honest with my potential readers. I hold myself accountable to all of you who may be reading or who may later read about my exploits as a freelance writer. I want your support. I am prepared to work for it.

I look forward to any comments or emails that you may wish to send me. (Send me an email at I would welcome the opportunity to discuss freelance writing or exchanges any ideas or experiences. This is a call to all the would-be freelance writers and those who've been on the path longer than myself.

Thanks for reading.

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