Story Challenge 2014: Update #1

Hey folks. Well, I figured I'd just drop a few lines here to say I'm making progress on my 20-story challenge that I set up for the first part of 2014. One of the things I know I need to do is to follow through with these little challenges I set up for myself.  I mean, NaNoWriMo last year was great and everything but I still did not reach the finish line.

Short story challenges seem a more reasonable option of course but it is still all about following through. I'm happy to report that I have TWO stories done so far.

They are:

A WAGER IN CALDRED - 9,757 words
IN A GIANT'S EYE - 5,067 words

I am going to keep a tally of these completed works. All of the stories I'm doing for this challenge will be sent out to various short fiction markets to see if I can score a sale. That's what I'm after, really. I want to see my story in a pro magazine and reap the benefits from that kind of exposure. So here's to hoping one of my stories get snatched up.

Stay tuned for future updates. Later folks.