Short Fiction

Here is a list of all of my published short stories. Many of them are available as digital shorts on various online retailers. You can click on the names to find them from your preferred retailer.


March on the Mountains (MYTHIC #10), A New Age (MYTHIC #11)


The Earthly Spirit (MYTHIC #6), Walking Back (MYTHIC #7), Transcend (MYTHIC #8), Temple of the Damned (MYTHIC #9)


In A Giant's Eye (MYTHIC #2), Tale of the Water Thief (MYTHIC #3), I See Monsters (MYTHIC #4), Born of Silver Fire (MYTHIC #5)


Hopewell (MYTHIC #1)


Death To The Messenger (FHP), Winds of Fate (FHP), The Beast of Mern (FHP),  The Traitor (FHP),  A Reckoning (FHP), The Prophet's Return (FHP), The Risen Queen (FHP), Midwinter Light (FHP), Oathsworn (FHP), The Ruling (FHP)


The Swordsmen Of Calabray (FHP), Land of Broken Dreams (FHP), Agent of Change (FHP), A Previous Engagement (FHP), Fall of the Witch-King (FHP), Ghosts Of America (FHP), Whispers in The Dark (FHP), The Oracle of Sadeer (FHP), Chasing Demons (FHP), The Shaldar's Pride - (FHP), A Perilous Fight (FHP)


Death's Generosity (FHP), Not A Chance (FHP),  Inheritance (FHP), True Calling (FHP), Moonlight (w/ D.B. Keele) (FHP)

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